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"We are looking for your personal story, which we’ll strive to design into a functional and aesthetically pleasing interior."


Interior design studio NAKEDHOME was founded in 2013 by Szabolcs Radnóthy and Máté Mohari.

Szabolcs represents the architectural line: even as a little child he designed turtle-shaped swimming pools, and in 2009 as a young adult he managed to graduate from the Faculty of Architecture at BME University. He was a fan of architectural design then, however in 2013 he utterly gave his heart to interior design with which he was able to create spaces such as holiday houses at Lake Balaton, vineries, an IT center of thousands of square meters, 25 and 300 square meter luxury apartments, and an Apple store. Since then, he has been caressing coverages, looking underneath bar counters to check their lighting, changing lights from a ladder, and if he has time, he conducts classes at the Óbuda University.

Máté comes from the event design field. Since 2010, he has been designing, assembling and managing teams at both Mobilsofa and WYN.DESIGN for almost ten years in hungarian and international projects at Rio de Janeiro, Dubai and Shanghai amongst others. He holds the screwdriver precisely, has a clear view of complex projects and complex excel tables, and has visionary capabilities regarding future trends.

From 2019 onwards, the two viewpoints, timeless architecture and periodic event design, came together to create the perfect interior design. They are especially fond of projects that tell the client's personal story, should it be about a home or any company. They are not scared off by any functional request, as in ten years they have designed an apartment, office, cafe, exhibition space, lamp shop, IT assembly shop, a printing house and an apartment hotel too. Their main principle is to manage the realization of the interior appearance of space in a complex way, which means that design is not at the expense of function, and they closely monitor the implementation from idea through design to execution, which is the only way to guarantee that the original concept is what comes to realization.


Szabolcs Radnóthy

architect, interior designer

‭+36 30 964 1724‬

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Máté Mohari

interior designer

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Hella Sarnyai

interior designer,
3D artist

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Tamás Boldizsár

product designer,

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Bettina Szücs  &  Eszter Tücsök

graphic design studio

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"...egy két személyes otthont képzelt el, ahol azonban a mindennapi munkájához nélkülözhetetlen stúdiójának is jut hely."

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