We first visited the Budai Bakery in Maros Street around 2009 and were really moved by the nostalgia buns offered to us in wicker baskets, so much so, that we have been regular customers ever since. We had no idea at the time that one of the owners, Tamás Kovács, was serving us from the other side of the counter.


Ten years passed by, and we received a chance to meet again on the recommendation of graphic designer Kristóf Kiss-Benedek, and eventually met the rest of the owners (Ákos Pletrich & Gábor Juhász). They found a small shop on Keleti Károly Street and wanted to turn it into a new bakery that also offers specialty coffee.


Due to the short time available, we didn’t change the design of the floor and lighting distribution. The owners imagined a clean world with a strong emphasis on natural wood surfaces, so we picked up some inspiration from Japan. We put Russian birch plywood furniture with black accessories in a white flat world. The clean design of the furniture is offset by the texture of the wood and walls with parquet pattern layered tiles. To reach the Japanese ambiance, we placed origami-style lamps of Hungarian design Adamlamp, above the counter.



Client: BUDAI Bakery & Specialty Coffee

Interior Design: Nakedhome

Graphic Design: Kisjustk

Carpentry works: Ódor Bútor Kft.

Lights: Adamlamp 

Photo: Gábor Baksa