There was a small space on a hidden floor of electrical shop Elektrocentrum Kft., where lamps were sold and bought with the lead of Viktor Pere, until owner Lajos Pere decided to build a new office building on Bécsi Street. The new building had 500 sqm of capacity and potential to become a decisive dash of color in the commerce of lamps.


Our job here literally started from scratch: hand in hand with STUDIO Ü (Bettina Szücs & Eszter Tücsök) we helped the process of meaningful brand and identity design (we brainstormed about names, designed a logo, and spent time thinking brand visions through), which was followed by a creation of complex interior design. We even provided technical management throughout the execution of the full project.


The concept of the store originates from the name chosen by CEO Viktor Pere: Deborah. A biblical figure, a female prophet. We wanted to visualize the religious aspect, the sacred nature of light, so we imagined a smooth, shiny, clear and white world that leaps out of a matte black background and has golden elements symbolizing the rays of light. At the heart of the store is a high-gloss white folding display designed by us - a system for lamps, to which any type and shape can be easily mounted. Carpenter József Tölcsér worked for months and months to accomplish the best possible solution for the system. 



Interior Design: Nakedhome

Graphic Design: Studio Ü

Constructor: Elektrocentrum
Office furniture: Do Work

Display system: József Tölcsér

Carpentry works: Prímabútor

Staircase: Reketye 

Signage: Astral Signs

Photo: Gábor Baksa