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Letterpress printing had almost completely disappeared from Hungary in the 80s, but thanks to Inkredible Letterpress printing manufactory it has come to life again. It is a unique and premium quality technology that produces detailed, inwardly or outwardly embossed prints. All they needed were loads of paper, ink, and a Heidelberg, and owners Balázs Lákics and Dóra Madanecz trusted us with the arrangement of these.


The industrial-style printing machine (or in its more romantic name: a platen-press) comes right from 1967, however the room ready to host it was too factory-like, so wooden surfaces came into the picture while designing the space. Hidden lights were mounted behind the siding on the walls and we used edge-painted plywood for the counter and shelves.


The machine has been rumbling ever since, and shelves under tons of creative paper coming from England are still holding on.

Graphic design: László Bóna
Carpentry works: Synchron Design